Our Campaigns

provide healthy food

Most children in rural areas whose parents are less income-generating are mostly malnourished under....
Raised: $0Goal: $750,000.00
48 Donators

Build school for poor children

It's Simple really children need a quality learning environment to focus on what they up to learn and be....
Raised: $261,275.00Goal: $750,000.00
16 Donators

School for Poor Children

The Learning centers help them to improve their extra-Curricular activities by identify them and help...
Raised: $41,662.00Goal: $120,000.00
4 Donators

Water For All Children

As we all know Most rural areas doesn’t exist with water purifying systems as a cause of this many...
Raised: $150,102.00Goal: $300,000.00
5 Donators

Clothes For Everyone

Most embarrassing thing we have been we have been facing is most of the children in those specific....
Raised: $150,650.00Goal: $180,000.00
4 Donators

Help us to send food

Most of the rural areas are supplied with the regional multinational food only during the region And the...
Raised: $50,070.00Goal: $150,000.00
2 Donators

Clean water for kids

For the Schools where they do not have a water purifying system to supply drinking water for the kids...
Raised: $250.00Goal: $200,000.00
2 Donators

Patient and Family Support

Most families have a Sick child who is a regular patient those who do not have enough money to...
Raised: $31,000.00Goal: $50,000.00
4 Donators

Education to Every Kid

Every Kid Is inaugurating themself with a special sportive activity in parallel to their education who need...
Raised: $230.00Goal: $150,000.00